ARS W9PCi - Central Point, Oregon

 145.330 / 444.100
146.620 / 444.200
147.060 / 147.240 / 444.300
IRLP Nodes 7700 / 3414 / 3383
Echolink Node 385956

Projects - Various projects and interests

KY6N's COVID-19 Rotary School Desk Project

Ron Harris and members of the Canby Rotary build 100 new wooden desks for give-a-way to COVID-19 bound school kids.  The complete instruction set is provided compliments of Ron - COVID-19 DESK

WA6YBD's DYI e-Load (300W Test Load)

Bill Melody (WA6YBD) When I first started thinking about building this thing I ran across a kit available from China on eBay for $10. It comes with

all the parts and a PC board. I couldn't even buy the power FET's for $10 let alone all the other parts so I bought the kit. I had a chassis box, heatsink and ammeter left over from another project and was able to put them to good use. 

My DIY load should handle 300 watts (or so they say) but even at 100 watts it heats up quickly. I have not yet put a fan on the heatsink yet but I will.  I did blow some air on it and it really helps. Photo1 - Photo2

AG7YY's Antenna Entrance Static Grounding

Herb Brasington (AG7YY) provides photos of his homebrew antenna static electricity grounding project.  Photo1 - Photo2 -

Photo3 - Photo4 - Photo5 - Schematic - Parts List

KR7KP's & K7KF's Loop Entrance Dual Coil Static Grounding

Kerry (KR7KP) and John (K7KF) among others use this configuration to "bleed" off static voltage from wire antennas.  This may reduce noise and unwanted voltages from reaching the receiver.  KR7KP

Icom IC-2KL Power Supply Modification

The power supply for the IC-2KL uses two, close to obsolete, power transistors (2SD797) in parallel for the 40VDC to the IC-2KL solid state amplifier.  I was able to obtain 4 of these "original" Toshiba manufactured NPN devices and decided to take KR7KP's advise on modifying the power supply so that all 4 could be used in parallel.  The thought here was to split the load on these devices so they might last literally "forever".  Photos of the modification are available below.  Much thanks to Kerry (KR7KP) for use of his shop, parts and "modeling" expertise.  And, the chips and salsa were great too!

IC2KL Mod Photos - Email me for info.

K6PRK Homebrew Microphone

Click on the photo Build your own microphoneto download / print larger image for "easy to assemble" instruction.  Courtesy of K6PRK.

Streaming Audio - No longer available (More to come)

(Currently Out of Service) Click here for audio from an ICOM IC-756.  Listen to others, then transmit and listen to your station for comparisons.  Enjoy and have fun playing with settings and different microphones, etc.

The radio is generally tuned to 3.737/3.742 megacycles each morning at 0500 Pacific Time.  If the radio is not tuned to that frequency, please send an email to  There is a significant (about 10 to 15 second) delay so you may transmit and listen to your own audio for testing, (be sure your operating license permits your to transmit on the selected frequency).

Audio Streamed by the BroadWave Streaming Audio Server by NCH Swift Sound Software.  The BroadWave Streaming Audio Server software is running on an old Compaq Presario 1200 laptop.  This laptop also runs Echolink, Ambient VWS weather station software and digital packet programs.

ARES - Amateur Radio Emergency Service


CPPD - City-wide Law Enforcement Wi-Fi Network

K7KF - Installation of 90' tower at Duck Creek Utah