ARS W9PCi - Central Point, Oregon

 145.330 / 444.100
146.620 / 444.200
147.060 / 147.240 / 444.300
IRLP Nodes 7700 / 3414 / 3383
Echolink Node 385956

North Rogue Valley Repeater Group


The North Rogue Valley Repeater Group (NRVRG) is dedicated to providing and supporting amateur radio repeaters in Southern Oregon.  Both conventional and digital repeaters are available to licensed amateur radio operators with emphasis on supporting Emergency Radio communications.

NRVRG offers EchoIRLP nodes, Wires-X rooms and will be implementing OPENSPOT connectivity soon;  OpenSpot offers cross-connection to most of the digital modes to include DMR, D-STAR, System Fusion (C4FM), P25, POCSAG, APRS messaging and other modes.  See OPENSPOT 3 to learn more.

NRVRG supports the AREDN network, CERTS and ARES groups throughout Southern Oregon.  Click on "Digital" for more info.

Please be sure to use the repeaters listed below and some of the newer "digital" modes.  We will be adding features this summer that support your digital radio modes of operation.  Email us with your ideas at

Repeaters supported by NRVRG... (See note 5)  Updated 9/22/2020

145.330-Analog PL123W9PCIBlackwellCentral PointDedicated to Analog FM operations
146.620-1Analog PL123W9PCINear I-5 POEAshlandNew TKR-750-1 w/RC-210
147.060+6Digital C4FM + FM PL123W9PCIRoxy Ann QTHMedfordBoth C4FM and standard FM  (No Beep)
147.240+Analog PL123W9PCIn/aMedfordCurrently bench testing
444.100+Analog PL123W9PCIn/aRogue RiverCurrently bench testing
444.200+2Analog PL100W9PCIRoxy Ann QTHMedfordAnalog FM (DTMF control of Links) NEW EchoIRLP 3414
444.300+AMS4 PL123W9PCIn/aMedfordDigital and conventional analog - AMS mode
147.380+3AMS4 PL131.8KL7VKQTHCentral PointDigital and conventional analog - AMS mode
443.150+Analog PL136.5KL7VKQTHCentral PointConventional analog "FM"
146.840-Analog PL123K7JAXBaldyMedfordLimited use - faulty feed-line to be repaired
440.225+5AMS4 PL131.8K7RVMRV ManorMedfordDigital and conventional analog - AMS mode

1-EchoIRLP (3383) | 2-EchoIRLP (3414) | 3-Connected to FTM-400D hosting Wires-X

4-Auto Mode Select (AMS) DN-Digital (C4FM), VW - Digital (C4FM) Voice Wide, FM - Conventional Analog FM

5-Repeaters with digital capability supported by non-NRVRG members

6-This is repeater provides users with wither C4FM or analog FM - Note: there is no "Courtesy Beep" on this repeater.

NOTE:  All RF transmissions are "analog" with FM variations to accommodate "digital" information (Read more)

Some History...

The hobby of amateur radio is interesting after more than 60 years and has undergone many technology changes over those years.  Building and operating an ARS brings together many disciplines that enable communications around the world.  Now with computer technology and the Internet, amateur radio has been extended into the digital world.

Many amateurs still operate "valve" construction radios so that tube technology, available at the beginning of radio, lives on; some examples show to the right.

Flex 5000c

Today, radios have become very small, utilize processors to run computer programs, and have the ability of change features through software updates - Software Defined Radio (SDR) - "Flex radios", "SoftRock", etc.



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Featured Homebrew / Modification Projects

Icom 2KL Power Supply Modification - (Details and photos)

KR7KP (was KK6OS) - Model Navy Ship (ask him for details and more photos

Build your own microphone - provided by K6PRK.   Specifically for use with the FT-2000.  Instructions.

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