ARS W9PCi - Central Point, Oregon

 145.330 / 444.100
146.620 / 444.200
147.060 / 147.240 / 444.300
IRLP Nodes 7700 / 3414 / 3383
Echolink Node 385956

Silent Keys

K7GF - May 3, 2009

Bob lived at the Rogue Valley Manor retirement community in Medford,  Oregon and was President of K7RVM, club station.  He supported and encouraged ARES activities at the club station. CW/DX was his main interest as well as EchoLink for fun.

We will miss his encouragement and excitement with amateur radio.  We have lost a fine gentleman and fellow ham.
Bob Brouwer - K7GF 

K6VHP - May 5, 1940 - January 11, 2009

We will remember how Shally greeted the ladies, his gentle soft spoken kindness, love for vintage radios and extensive knowledge of amateur radio.

"Real Radios Glow in the Dark"
Enjoying "ham" radio

Licensed November 1956, as KN6VHP, he dropped the “N” in 1957 and operated as K6VHP ever since.  He spent his working years - 1958 to 2000 in the electronics industry and trade association management.  Activities included electronic equipment repair, field engineering, and radio/television broadcast engineering. 

Shally's primary interest in amateur radio is the care and feeding of vintage radio equipment.  He has been servicing equipment for the ham radio community since 1964.

His QTH was located in Humboldt County, five miles south of Eureka, California, on Radio Ranch where he work mostly 160, 80, and 40m. Enjoy Dx’ing on 160 and 80m.

Radio Ranch Museum - K6ZJR

The Radio Ranch Amateur Radio Museum opened for viewing in September 2002. Since then, several hundred amateurs as well as non-amateurs have visited. Everyone appears to enjoy their time here.

Most of the equipment on display is the type most likely owned and/or used by a great majority of "hams" during the years from 1935 through 1975. The early "novice years" are heavily represented, with many products from then-familiar manufacturers as well as home-brew equipment were on display.

With the passing of K6VHP, the museum curator, the museum is temporarily closed to the public.


Comments from friends.

Photos of Memorial gathering Jan. 18, 2009 at Radio Ranch.