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A few photos from the gathering on Sunday to memorialize a fine Amateur Radio operator - Photos

A tribute to a fellow ham - K6VHP/SK

What!  You’re still here? 

Above was in an Email from W6OPO.

Lets remember these to valued friends – Scroll down… 

 Sanna and Shally

Two incredibly talented dear friends of ours – Mel SK-2006 and Shally SK-2009


 The Northwest Tribe – Mel SK-2006 (to my right) and Shally SK-2009.  Cliff W6GLO on the left side of Shally.

Of course Shally is his usual self showing off to Maryann at Gill’s By The Bay.


Above in email also from W6OPO.


It's Sunday evening and I am just checking my email.  Truly saddened by the passing of Shally.  I have only know him for a few years, but he seemed like a friend for a long time.  We shared so many aviation stories and he was great company both in person and on the air.  We will always remember the "Airplane of the Day" and his contributions to our radio hobby.

73's Shally,

John, K7KF


I have two pictures of Shally online:

This one is him at the operator position of K6VHP.

But this second picture is even more special now, because now I know Shally is together with one of his best friends, Mel.

As Dave said, Shally was a stellar example of a generous human being. 

Godspeed my friend. 

Tim w6mu


73's Lloyd David Shallenberger my old friend. I will miss you more than you
will ever know. I will miss your humor and wisdom but mostly your kindness.
Say hello to Pop, Mel and Barbara from all of us. Find a clear frequency and
hold it for all us until we are all together again. Rest easy old man, watch
your step in the barn.

God bless

Above email from WA6YBD


I honestly don’t know what to say.  I have only known Shally for about four years, but I have always looked forward to my visits with him in September of each year.  I knew in my heart that he had not been feeling well, as his demeanor on the net had changed dramatically over the last month or so.  I am so glad that I was able to have dinner with Shally and Sanna Jane the last time I was up in Eureka.  I will miss him.  I have attached some pictures I took in years past to share.  I have downsized the pictures, I hope they are not too large.

73 Doctor Shallenberger.





Here are a few of the pictures in my collection of the museum and Shally.  I'm sure glad that I had the opportunity to take the pictures that I have. I have quite a few of his museum but it's just of Shally's equipment without him in the picture. I also have some pictures of his hamshack too.     

Of course the "swinging choke" and Shally's work bench are my favorites.  My work bench was (is) never as neat as Shally's. The "new toy" was a Gonset code practice and monitor.  I brought it the last time I visited him.

Post any of the pictures attached. 



Thank you, I will be there as soon as I get passed this math. I should
have done this along time ago. Don't take life for granted, I missed an
opportunity to talk with a great guy (my loss). It will not happen again.



How very sad!   I only knew him briefly, but the loss is deeply felt.



I agree with everyone's very kind words about our good friend.

I met Shally on 1815Kc AM in 1975.  When I met him he impressed me with his knowledge and that impression is still true. He was a big help to me getting an efficient antenna set up for both 160 Meters mobile and fixed station.  Shally was the person that got me interested in HF again.   

The thing that I will remember always was his greetings to Patsy like " Tell Patsy she looks nice in her clothes."  He always had something for me to tell her when I signed off with him.  Patsy will miss that too.

His advise on radio questions was always appreciated and helpful. 

He always had a kind word for everyone. 

I will miss him dearly like all the rest of you will.

Dan & Patsy


Wow. I don't know what to say. Shally was not only a great friend, but a great teacher, mentor, Elmer, Etc. Shally (with all due respect to my own father) was my other dad. Shally and I met on 3860 about 20 years ago. He used to hang out there with other members of a northwest group, and his father was also there. Shally and I became great friends and soon moved to 3820 for our regular morning scheds. It was just us two there at first, and then I think Kerry came along, and it just sort of grew from there. I have made as many trips as I could over the years to Eureka to visit and learn, and just enjoy time with him. We always had a great time together. What a stellar example of a great human being. Things will never be the same, although I'm hoping we can continue a great tradition, and try and be every bit as good a man and as knowledable as he was. The airplane of the day from now on will always be a Ryan.

Goodbye till later, dear friend. I will miss you more than you may know.

73, OM. K6VHP de NA6DF  (and sometime still N6MAI when he was goofing around.



Sure sorry to hear about Shally. He will be missed.




To our friend Shally, K6VHP from Don, KQ6FM and Judy, KE6GIW -

While we know you will listen from afar, our voices will still vibrate your speaker, so please accept the words we say not as "goodbye" but rather as just "so long and 73 for now".
You graced the airwaves with style, humor, knowledge and experience. You taught us about our heritage from so many great vintage radios so that we would remember the golden age of things that really glowed in the dark, and gave us renewed reverence and respect for them - for this we thank you.
You made our wives feel special, as you saluted with your classic, "wow-wees" which meant as much to them as it did to us. You enlightened us on topics that we knew much less about than you, and so you became the great teacher as we asked many a question of the master of "radio ranch" - and for your efforts, may you be forever rewarded in knowing that through your words, your legacy will continue.
Thank you for your gentle and loving touch, given to so many pieces of gear which graced your beloved bench. You gave new life to so many vintage sets, which, thanks to you, will live on in many a shack a friend.
Thank you for giving us all a glimpse of radio heritage - both amateur and professional broadcast - through "Radio Ranch" where we can remember our roots and be humbled by the careers and hobbies and so many wonderful hours it has given us all. For your many gifts, good deeds and kindnesses, we are truly blessed. Your gentle spirit will be missed.
But thank you most of all for the gift of friendship, which you bestowed on so many, and especially from those of us who had the honor of speaking with you each morning and hearing your rich, golden voice sent lovingly through amateur radio. The world, and especially that of radio, is a better place for having known you and for being able to call you a friend. 73 Lloyd David Shallenberger, may you rest in peace, and know too that you will never be forgotten, but thought of often - until we meet again. May God bless and keep you safe, and reward you with the most beautiful radio shack ever built - for no one deserves it more!!

With love from, Don, Judy and especially "The 3820 Gang"


Hi all,

This is a very sad day for all of us.  I have known Shally for 30+ years.  Our trips to Utah/CA will not be the same without hearing Shally tell us the Airplane of the Day, along with his broadcasts from Radio Ranch.  The Amateur airwaves will miss his melodious voice shining bright in the early dawning hours letting us know when it is time to ID.  Rest in Peace Lloyd David... K6VHP de WB6CDN... QRT


Just got word about Shally! Ham radio has lost another great one...

~Mike WU7Q


I was over at his place in May last year with my kids.

He looked a bit slower and a little heavier than the previous time

I had visited him, but otherwise his mind was sharp and he had

a T O N or radio projects in his shop.

 Mike Bach



This is really terrible! He was really a great guy.

I first met him when he was still down in the SF bay area, I was introduced by an old ham friend.

Our mutual interest in Collins gear brought us together.


I am working on a Collins 20V2 1000 watt AM broadcast Transmitter, getting it ready for a session on 80M AM (3870).

Was hoping to work him on it and get his “blessing”.

Guess I was too slow.

Thanks for the info.



To all of The 3820 group,

Sad news today from Sanna,

  Shally passed away last night, Jan. 10th, 2009.

Sanna said the following and asked me to pass it along to all….

He had a nice day yesterday with his daughter and grandson, and apparently had a massive heart attack as he was getting ready for bed…

 Funeral arrangements are pending ,  We’ll keep you posted as more information is made  available..

He will be sorely missed by many - KK6OS