ARS W9PCi - Central Point, Oregon

 145.330 / 444.100
146.620 / 444.200
147.060 / 147.240 / 444.300
IRLP Nodes 7700 / 3414 / 3383
Echolink Node 385956

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City-Wide Wi-Fi Network

This is an 802.11b network designed for the City of Central Point law enforcement using Aironet and Cisco radios.  The project used solar for sites that were located without power.  There are 9 "repeater" and 1 root radio with a single hop to the police station.  IP based traffic was routed to the closest access point of the network as officers travelled throughout the city in their vehicles.  Cisco PCMCIA radio cards were installed in each MDC along with a CDPD card. 

Law Enforcement officers used the network to permit video surveillance from cameras located at key points within the city.  The speed of the network (2-11M)  versus the CDPD cards (up to 19.2K) in the in-car Mobile Data Computers permitted 5 - 15 fps of video and control of a PTZ camera from software running on the MDC's.  Access to local photos and other large files on servers located at the police station was made possible using the 802.11 Wi-Fi network.

Below are some photos of a "test" site as well as actual installations.





Solar Powered 100mW 2.4Ghz 802.11b Repeater at Central Point Police / City Hall Building

Solar Powered 2.4Ghz Repeater located on exhaust stack atop Crater High School Gym.
Photo taken prior to installation of MAXRAD Omni-directional antenna.

Mounted on top of 2 Million Gallon Water Reservoir

2.4Ghz 802.11b Repeater
Cisco Systems 350 Series Radio
Andrew Grid Dish High Gain Antenna