ARS W9PCi - Central Point, Oregon

145.330 / 444.200
146.620 / 444.300
IRLP Nodes 7700 / 3383
Echolink Node 385956

Amateur Radio StationValves

The hobby of amateur radio is interesting after more than 40 years and has undergone many technology changes over those years.  Building and operating an ARS brings together many disciplines that enable communications around the world.  Now with computer technology and the Internet, amateur radio has been extended into the digital world.

Many amateurs still operate "valve" construction radios so that tube technology, available at the beginning of radio, lives on; some examples show to the right.

Flex 5000c

Today, radios have become very small, utilize processors to run computer programs, and have the ability of change features through software updates - Software Defined Radio (SDR) - "Flex radios", "SoftRock", etc.

Special thanks to N7WN - Dan for inspiration to build a "softrock" receiver and to KU6Y - Bill for the opportunity to become familiar with his new FLEX 6500.  We are currently experimenting with the code to use the FLEX 6500 remotely via Internet IP (both control and audio).

*** NOTE ***  145.330 repeater is in service with Fusion C4FM modes as well as analog FM and operates in AMS configuration.  The Code to open the transmitter for this repeater when in analog FM mode is DCS023.  In C4FM mode, it is open to all Group codes. *** NOTE ***

Repeater News for 2019- New Yaesu System Fusion Repeater on 444.300 PL 100, 145.330 analog FM DCS023 and C4FM mode Group 00.  Digital repeater with "Auto Mode Select (AMS)".  Plans are in process for connection to Wires-X network via the LAN option installed on this repeater. 

Repeater News for 2014+ - New EchoIRLP and Repeater Operator Procedures

Featured Homebrew / Modification Projects

Icom 2KL Power Supply Modification - (Details and photos)

KR7KP (was KK6OS) - Model Navy Ship (ask him for details and more photos

Build your own microphone - provided by K6PRK.   Specifically for use with the FT-2000.  Instructions.

Mechanical speech processor anyone can build, compliments of K6VHP/sk.  Example.