ARS W9PCi - Central Point, Oregon

 145.330 / 444.100
146.620 / 444.200
147.060 / 147.240 / 444.300
IRLP Nodes 7700 / 3414 / 3383
Echolink Node 385956

Amateur Radio StationsDX100

NH6B / WH6B - Camano Island, Washington

Longview, Washington Visit - 2009

March 2009 visit to Russ and Lee's QTH on the Columbia River just west of Longview near the top of Bunker Hill.  Some photos of antennas and radio room.

Russ and Lee have children who are licensed operators. His "ham" room has many operating positions for multi-band operation during their visits and other station events. 

Russ and Lee have moved to a new QTH in Washington's Camano Island in 2013 and is setting up their new ARS.  We look forward to visiting their new QTH.

At one of his operating positions

Showing off his DX100 restoration.

Russ's radio room.

NH6B, WH6B and Tina
Very nice QTH on the Washington side of the Columbia River -  Loops, verticals, dipoles and beams for aerials.